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Moving the sesh online, blazing with your friends in quarantine on 4/20

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

By Christopher Carlson Who would have thought, that after decades of buildup, the stoner’s mecca, the Chronic’s Christmas, the most iconic cannabis moment in modern history, cancelled?

4/20 has been, and is still, our moment. It has always been the one day of the year where you didn’t have to worry about getting rolled up on while your burning one with the crew. But here we are, where they only illegal thing about smoking a joint with friends, is being with your friends.

A month of 4/20 doesn’t have to leave you smoking solo, the best part of 2020, is that its 2020. We have online options to keep you passing to the left.

Let’s check ‘em out, if you’ve got a smartphone and a connection, you don’t have to miss out.

Facebook Video

Facebook offers its video call services for up to 8 people simultaneously, which makes for a pretty solid session. Because most people have a Facebook profile already, this is going to be the easiest set-up for a small group sesh. The only real downside is if you don’t have a Facebook account, you’re gonna get cut out. Available on Android and iPhone.


The original video chat, Skype is still a great way to get together and burn one. Your sesh can last 4 hours on Skype without having to shell out your munchies fund to do it. Not great if you’re planning on partaking from your laptop, Skype is best experienced on your phone. Available on Android and iPhone.


One to avoid, rumors of security related issues make Zoom a last-ditch option.


WhatsApp is the most secure option on the list, which if protecting your online information is important to you, is a pretty awesome feature. Downside is, though you can have as many people in a group as you’d like, only 4 people can video chat at once, meaning you’ll have to keep your circle small for this one.

No matter how you celebrate our once-in-a-lifetime 4/20 this year, stay safe and stay RealStonned!

To celebrate 4/20, RealStonned Shop is bringing you 20% off all cannabis accessories, site wide. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a real heady from a Canadian glass legend, or an entry level heater from a fast-rising up and comer, take 20% off anything on Just enter promo code 420 at checkout to save yourself some cash for the essentials. Not just rigs, Dab tools, pipes, pendants, take 20% off every single item in the store.

Our featured artist for the month of 4/20 is Hokey Pokey Glass, one of the fastest rising brands in Canada, on a mission to bring a heady little shredder to everyone. Built for function with a removable down-stem, these easy to clean, 10mm worked Frit Wag rigs bring top-end heady appeal, at a China rig price.

With free shipping for the month of 4/20, make sure your new Hokey Pokey rig from RealStonned stays safe for as long as you have it with an added Pelican Case for only $50! Christopher Carlson is a freelance writer based out of Saskatoon, SK. Specializing in cannabis blogging and website copy, he can be found on Facebook at @Beyond Compelling Copywriting.

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